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Dear Chelsea,

Where do I begin? Like a tangled headphone, I continue to untangle these feelings hearing more clearly the ever-growing sound from within my heart. Perhaps you can hear it too. It tells of the creation of a book, a book with a story that is still unfolding. Now the thing about this story is that it’s not yet complete. A book with empty pages and a pen. Now, Any good author knows that all these tools are necessary to bring forth ideas from the mind into the tangible realm of a written story, but you may realize that one thing is missing. Ink!, the medium that directly transfers one’s thoughts and ideas of the mind, to something both tangible and transferable. I want to create a story, a story of patience, one that inspires, a story of love, a story of adventure and always choosing each other. Let’s be each other’s ink that never stops flowing Let’s create our story.


 Chelsea Ali,

 Be mine?

Antonio & Chelsea!

Adventure Awaits!